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January 17th – Royal Medical Society

Tried to get in the door at the Royal Medical Society tonight to see a public lecture by Prof Miratul Muqit:

Source: Twitter

He is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship in Clinical Science and Programme Leader at the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee (Scotland). And he’s a very nice chap.

Unfortunately, I was coming from a meeting that had gone over time and the Royal Society security man told me “I’msorry sir, our policy is once the door is closed, no more attendees are allowed in”.

Luckily, the lecture was filmed and is available online. Prof Muqit was giving the annual Royal Society Francis Crick Lecture  – entitled “Parkinson’s disease: decoding the mysteries of neurodegeneration“. It is well worth watching:

And click here to watch the Q&A session.

December 12th – Parkinson’s Life

Parkinson’s Life interviewed me recently regarding my new role and the SoPD website (Click here to read the interview).


November 24th – Radio

Was invited on to SG1 radio tonight to discuss Parkinson’s and the work of the Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Interesting experience. Had a great time with DJs Nazmin Chowdhury and John Utting.


October 1st – First day on the job

Very excited to be starting the new role of Deputy Director of Research at the Cure Parkinson’s Trust today.


September 21 – Administrative news

I have decided to step away from academia – to take up a new role as the Deputy Director of Research at the Cure Parkinson’s Trust, which I will be starting on the 1st of October.

It was a very easy decision to make as the aims and goals of CPT are very much in line with my own. I also believe that this is a very exciting time for Parkinson’s research, and I am extremely excited to be taking on a more proactive and impactful role.

The SoPD will continue as usual, but please understand that any opinions expressed here will be solely my own and may not necessarily reflect those of the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

9th September – Anniversary


Three years ago today, the SoPD website kicked off with a post looking at new research on the gut in Parkinson’s disease (Click here to read that post). What an amazing period of time has passed since then.