2020 wish list


Here at the Science of Parkinson’s, we don’t like making predictions – that’s a mug’s game.

We would rather explore interesting ideas based around what we hope to see happen in 2020 – discussing different ways and means by which they could occur – in the hope that some one will pick up the ball and run with it (ideally, they already have the ball and we are as usual naively unaware).

In today’s post, we will outline the SoPD wish list for 2020.


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In his excellent biography on Leonado Da Vinci, author Walter Isaacson drops a beautiful hook in the middle of the book to compel the reader on.

As you may be aware, Da Vinci kept lots of journals throughout his life, and he was constantly making drawings and notes. On almost every page, however, he also made list of things to do, and these list suggest an incredibly curious mind.

Isaacson listed a few examples, including:

“Get the master of arithmetic to show you how to square a triangle… Ask Giannino the Bombardier about how the tower of Ferrara is walled… Ask Benedetto Protinari by what means they walk on ice in Flanders… Get a master of hydraulics to tell you how to repair a lock, canal and mill in the Lombard manner…”

Source: Kottke

But in the middle of the book, Isaacson gives the reader his personal favourite:

“Describe the tongue of the woodpecker”

And then he continues:

“‘Describe the tongue of the woodpecker,’ he instructs himself. Who on earth would decide one day, for no apparent reason, that he wanted to know what the tongue of a woodpecker looks like? How would you even find out? It’s not information Leonardo needed to paint a picture or even to understand the flight of birds”

Wait. What? Woodpeckers have tongues?!?

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