This page provides a sample of videos lectures I have given regarding the research being conducted on Parkinson’s:

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust Autumn Research Review (October 2019):


A presentation to members of Parkinson’s NZ (July 2019). My talk starts at 1:21:00 into the video, but I recommend you listen to the presentations given by Sir Richard Faull & Prof Maurice Curtis (University of Auckland) who both presented before me):


A presentation to the Parkinson’s Academy in Birmingham (25th June 2019):


A presentation to the Oxford Parkinson’s UK support group (October, 2018)


A presentation at the 2018 Gretschen Amphlet Memorial lecture series for Parkinson’s UK in Cambridge (April, 2018)


The 6th Annual East Midlands Parkinson’s Research Support Network meeting (November 2017)