Administrative post: Approaching 500

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A week or so ago, I was poking around in the cluttered back room of this website when I found something that truly stunned me: The SoPD website had 468 posts (This post is #470)

For a moment I was speechess. And as I looked at the number, a mix of horror and awe passed over me. If I had to have a guess, I would have said there were perhaps 300 or so posts on the website, but definitely not 500. That’s a ridiculous number!

Having given it some thought, a round number like 500 deserves something special.

Today’s post is a request to readers for ideas on how to mark the occasion.

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Beau Miles. Source: Youtube

The guy in the image above is Beau MilesUniversity lecturer, filmaker, adventurer, “poly-jobist”.

When I need a break and I want something off beat, Beau’s Youtube channel is my usual first port of call. If you have never heard of him, I would recommend starting off gently with his Run the line video and then diving head first into the madness that is A mile an hour.

Beau is one of those “exploring the human experience” types and he films himself doing it. He’s a great story teller and his quirky adventures are always good viewing – like the time Steinbeck inspired him to eat his own body weigh in canned beans. Just beans. It took him 40 days (Click here for that video).

Source: Hedonistica

What does this have to do with Parkinson’s?

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