Monthly research review: February 2020


At the end of each month the SoPD writes a post which provides an overview of some of the major pieces of Parkinson’s-related research that were made available during February 2020.

The post is divided into seven parts based on the type of research:

  • Basic biology
  • Disease mechanism
  • Clinical research
  • New clinical trials
  • Clinical trial news
  • Other news
  • Review articles/videos


So, what happened during February 2020?

In world news:

February 5th – A research team in Hong Kong announced the development of a droplet-based electricity generator, which will allow electrical energy production with the minimum possible use of water (Click here to read more about this).

February 9th – Storm Ciara battered the UK.


February 12th – Researchers discovered a new group of antibiotics that display a unique approach to attacking bacteria, providing a promising new approach in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (Click here to read more about this).

February 24th – Michael Jordon’s tribute to the late Kobe Bryant almost made me cry (almost!). It’s a beautiful speech for a basketball fan.


February 26th – Astronomers announced that Earth had acquired a second, slightly smaller moon. Designated 2020 CD3, a calculation of its orbit suggests that it has been orbiting Earth for approximately 3 years. But given that it is the size of a car, don’t expect a second moon landing any time soon (Click here to read more about this).

In the world of Parkinson’s research, a great deal of new research and news was reported:

In February 2020, there were 921research articles added to the Pubmed website with the tag word “Parkinson’s” attached (1803for all of 2020 so far). In addition, there was a wave to news reports regarding various other bits of Parkinson’s research activity (clinical trials, etc).

The top 5 pieces of Parkinson’s news

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