The SoPD website is politically neutral.

We do, however, occasionally investigate and comment on proposals/new legislation/political events that may affect the Parkinson’s community, particularly those matters affecting the research community.

Today’s post is going to discuss some unintended consequences of BREXIT.


Source: Oxpol

I would like to tell you a story about a friend of mine. For reasons of anonymity, we shall call her ‘Simone’.

We are very similar – Simone and I – in three ways:

1. She is also an academic researcher here in the UK, who came here over a decade ago and has made a nice little life for herself – starting a family and buying a house.
2. She is also a colonial – from a boomerang throwing member of the commonwealth (but we won’t hold that against her).
3. She is also very active in research engagement with her research field (maintaining some popular social media efforts).

Recently, Simone – like myself and many other foreign researchers – had to reapply for her residency permit to continue to stay and work in the UK.

Source: Wales

And this is where the story really begins:

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