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Improving the SoPD blog – any thoughts?


Here at the SoPD, we are always seeking feedback from readers to provide better content and more relevant information.

Today’s post is a request for feedback – an exercise in self improvement.


Source: Medium

If I have any philosphy in life it is wabi-sabi (侘寂).

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi sabi is a world view centered on appreciating the beauty of impermanence, imperfection, and incompleteness.

Autumn – very wabi sabi. Source: Shelburnemuseum

That said, I see no problem with trying to improve things. And following that line of thought, today’s post is a request for help to make the SoPD less imperfect and less incomplete.

It is very easy in science to get very exciting about the details and fail to see the big picture (a ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’ scenario). Most researchers fall down the rabbit hole of their area of interest and become obsessed with the minutiae. This situation on a science blog, however, can make one blind to what the reader may actually be looking for. Similarly, I have certain ideas about how this blog is developing and where it could be going which may not be the best way to serve the Parkinson’s community.

So in this post, we will review where things on the SoPD currently stand, before then inviting your feedback.

The state of the blog:

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