A call to arms

While our primary goal here at the Science of Parkinson’s is to highlight and explain new research dealing with Parkinson’s disease, we are also keen to encourage the general public to get involved with efforts to cure this debilitating condition.

To this end, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that 2017 represents the 200th anniversary of the first report of Parkinson’s disease by one Dr James Parkinson:


Although there were several earlier descriptions of individuals suffering from rigidity and a resting tremor, Dr Parkinson’s 66 page publication of six cases of ‘Shaking Palsy’, is considered the seminal report that gave rise to what we now call Parkinson’s disease. The report was published in 1817.

The 200th anniversary represents a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about the disease and a rallying point for a concerted research effort to deal with the condition once and for all. It is still a year away, but now is the time to start planning events and building awareness. We would encourage you to mark 2017 as the year of Parkinson’s disease, share this with everyone you know, and endeavour to make some small effort to help in the fight against this condition.

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