Administrative: No more Meta

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Administrative news: The Science of Parkinson’s page on Meta has been removed.

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Source: Gadgethacks

Hi folks,

This is just a quick post to say that the SoPD page on Meta (formerly Facebook) has been removed.

This is not a ‘holier-than-thou’ protest, but rather a philosophical difference of opinions: We simply do not want to be associated with them.

Facebook went in the wrong direction some time ago. If the company now wishes to think that people will trust them with their financial details (their libra project) in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica disaster or that a name change will solve everything (remember Blackwater, it became Xe Services in 2009, then Academi in 2011,…), then good for them.

I really fear that they are not even trying to solve the issues that plague their business as they now seek to offer the fully immersive experience of “the metaverse”. In all likelihood, the move will only supercharge the problems.

I wish them well, but SoPD will not be associated.


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8 thoughts on “Administrative: No more Meta

  1. No surprise to see you acting out your ethical principles. Thanks for the example.

    I have thought of ending my personal Facebook use as well. But then I would have to stop buying from Amazon, Walmart and Target, And maybe unenroll from a lot of places. At least Facebook is easy to quit. What is a suggested replacement for communicating with friends and light publicizing of non-profit activities, etc.?

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  2. congrats re the move away from FBook – made that move over 10 years ago – quit instagram when I found out that FBook had bought them – wish I had known sooner that it happened I woulda got outta there sooner too – the hypocrisy and data breaches among other stuff leave me sickened more than I am with MSA – for some it will be a harder pill to swallow than the handful of stuff I take 4 times a day currently – thanks for all you do Simon – it is greatly appreciated!


  3. Good move. This site does not need Facebook because it does what it does very well as a blog.

    For individual users it is not so simple, because, momentum. When you have accreted over a billion users, your site becomes the place to go to connect with other people.

    It’s truly unfortunate that a huge profit-oriented corporation is exploiting it’s stranglehold on social media. Government should step in to create a publicly funded alternative.


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